Stadlnova is a fictive suburb somewhere between Bratislava and Vienna, providing the base for a creative research platform about marginal(ized) aspects of these cities, their region and all the in-betweens. It unfolds a new space of the possible between here and there, center and periphery, growth and recession, archaeology and utopia. A space, where participation and collaboration are facilitated, infected by a genuine curiosity in peripheries.

Ok, so much for our teaser - we'll tell you more here.

Stadlnova has been funded with support from the European Commission under the 'Youth in Action' programme.


Exhibition 'Grenzübersetzungen' in Orth (AT)

Stadlnova has been invited to join an exhibition dealing with the changes in its very native region, so to say. Located in Schloss Orth, halfway between Bratislava and Vienna, the exhibtion 'Grenzübersetzungen' ("border translations" but also "border trangressions") deals with changes in the relations as well as patterns of (mis-)communication between here and there since the fall of the Iron Curtain 1989.

Curated by Martina Šimkovičová and embedded in the collective project 'SK/AT', Stadlnova contributes the video installation 'Countercurrents'. It takes a look at Austrians' perceptions of Bratislava and how Slovaks see Vienna, refelcted through the traces they leave in the virtual sphere.
And in-between the river Morava, representing something in common as well a natural line of division, perhaps offering some space for reflection.

The show will be on display until November 01, 2019 in 'Museum Orth'.


Lecture Performance in Prague

Departing from a fictive suburb between Vienna and Bratislava, Jürgen Rendl will take you on a journey through a region in transition. Accompanied by the sonic wizard Bolka , we will leave our Mitteleuropean comfort zones, and encounter people and places east of the obvious.

Join us on December 12, 2017 at 7 pm in Prague's norma space.

fb event


New contribution: 'Unerhört Gehört'

Even though the Iron Curtain was almost impenetrable, the waves of Austrian Broadcasting Corporation ORF advanced even into the forbidden territory east of its borders. Austrian radio and TV programmes could be received in most parts of Western Slovakia, under good conditions even 100 kilometres behind the border. Without doubt this 'window to the West' influenced many Slovaks, and enabled them to acquire language skills from Michael Knight or Angus MacGyver dubbed into German.

Inspired by this context, Ingrid Blasge, a university teacher from Vienna, started an oral history project with her students at the Pedagogical Faculty of Bratislava's Comenius University. And as the topic just seemed like a perfect match for our fictive suburb, we decided to join in.

Check out the project here (available in German only).


Exhibition Project SK/AT

Our fictive suburb has been invited to participate in 'SK/AT', an exhibition project bringing together artists and students of photography from Vienna and Bratislava. Its aim is to engage with the status quo of the Slovak-Austrian border and to identify and discuss actual stereotypes existing in the region. Stadlnova will contribute a new video and text piece to the project's exhibitions taking place in Vienna and Bratislava in late October and November 2014.


New contribution: 'Sweet Twentysomething'

Twenty years of Austrian-Slovak relations, and ten years since the declaration of 'Centrope' - the region we're in, that seems so hard to grasp. As if offering a solution for that issue, Centrope just provided us with a manifesto for its bright future, which we distilled in a song we'd better sing along to together.

Check it out here.


Text contribution to Romboid

The Slovak literary magazine 'Romboid' has published our text 'Approaching Stadlnova' in its recent issue 02/2013. Andrej Gogora contributed the translation into Slovak.


Stadlnova goes Venice

Stadlnova is one of the positions featured by 'Asking Architecture', the exposition in the Czech and Slovak Pavilion at the 13th International Venice Biennale of Architecture titled 'Common Ground'. Our idea was to use this opportunity for a 'reality check' of our fictive suburb. Anyway, Stadlnova is much more a process than a project, with no final statements to expect. Yet perhaps it is by its nature suggesting a sort of proto-common-ground for Bratislava and Vienna.


Stadlnova meets Talsinki

Stadlnova was invited to the 9th Urban and Landscape Days, May 14, 2012, taking place at the Estonian Acadmeny of Arts in Tallinn.

Apart from encountering quite a bandwidth of interesting approaches circulating around the conference's central topic 'Shaping City Regions' and getting to know some nice folks, we got acquainted with a fellow of sorts: 'Talsinki', a term which is commonly used to describe a certain type of exchange up there:

Talsinki (sometimes also Hellinna or Hellinn) is a colloquial name for the frequent, cheap and easy travel between Helsinki, Finland and Tallinn, Estonia. It is an obvious portmanteau of the cities' names.
"Talsinki" is often used to imply that the commercial centre of Tallinn has become "the Helsinkians' living room". Every summer, thousands of Helsinkian tourists travel to Tallinn and back the same day, spending their entire time in Tallinn shopping in the various department stores and markets in the city centre and the Old Town, attracted by the low prices. Very few tourists venture outside the centre, and fewer still travel to other Estonian cities.


What if Stadlnova would hijack Talsinki to its own periphery?


New contribution: 'Approaching Stadlnova'

Getting closer to Stadlnova along a chain of associations, evoked on a train journey from Stadlau to Devínska Nová Ves.

Read it here.


Stadlnova stepping on a different soil in Prague

We'll be presenting Stadlnova on 11-11-11 at the international conference 'On a different soil - Growth in art, society and culture' in Prague's Nová Scéna, Národní 4. Drop by and say hello if you happen to be somewhere near!


First Stadlnova projects now online

We have passed the uhorková sezóna (cucumber season), which has slowed down life's pace in our lands in-between, and made people rush here and there and everywhere. Actually in Stadlnova this period even turned out to be pretty fruitful, with our workshop participants working out some bright ideas of how to actually grasp our fictive suburb. Now we can invite you to celebrate a suburban harvest feast of a kind, with the first projects online. Indulge and undermine!


After our workshops: Stadlnova sprouting

Two weekends, more than 20 participants, two peripheries, one 'špatnák', and indeed much more. Exploring what could be Stadlnova in Devínska Nová Ves and Stadlau made our thoughts and imaginations twirl - It was all about the in-between, and yes, not only in a spatial, but also in a very social sense: Collaboration. Our participants were developing a bunch of wicked ideas, and now it's the time to dig deeper, explore and refine - Stadlnova in progress, as a peripheral space of the possible.

Find out more about our workshops here

A shout out goes to all who contributed to make it happen.
D'akujeme. Danke.

Till soon at the margins in-between.

Photo all rights by Gregor Titze.