// fictive migration //

The project of Ludmila Hornáková emerged from elements she found as part of the everyday life in Devínska Nová Ves and Stadlau. These are private announcements posted in public space: Ads, lost&found, job offers etc. She sampled some and then implemented them in the respective other suburb. Thereby she could observe possible features of a Stadlnova public space in reality.

This is her conceptual statement:

DECONSTRUCTION =======transportation========merging========CONSTRUCTION
DECONSTRUCTION =====transportation== ====merging===========CONSTRUCTION

By sampled elements which have some local origin, collected in both suburban areas I implemented one origin into another and noted future alteration. It also represents the fictional dimension of Stadlnova. An interesting and funny position in this project is that the used items are sometimes quite absurd, therefore leading to interesting situations also during transportation, communication and collaboration with locals.

Transport - migration and breaking of borders, relocalization, supporting, breaking routine in small things.

Representation - of existing and non existing places, things:
To tell something also about the people from the other side of the river.